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The results, from the largest series of cervical artery dissection database, suggest that hypertension, although less prevalent than in patients with a non-dissection related stroke, could be a risk factor of dissection, whereas hypercholesterolemia, obesity, and overweightness are inversely associated with dissection.


From Louisiana a new survey on dabigatran published on circulation in january : Dabigatran is a reasonable alternative to warfarin in patients requiring cardioversion.

Microbubbles filled with xenon or other inhert gases as a drug delivery means in acute stroke are periodically reported in medical journals (circulation 2010) or newspapers as the latest frontier. This week the activities of the University College in London and Cincinnati/Houston University raised the attention of scientific journalists see at New Scientist and Daily Mail. But don’t panic this in US was just another experimental animal model. As usual with bubbles also Italians are there.