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Seems more and more evident that  levels of air pollution considered safe by health care authorities such as WHO can contribute to higher rates of cognitive decline, stroke, and heart attack, according to many paper recently published.


In 2011 SITS enrollment  is approaching 50,000 patients. This number of patients is important to enable an appriate analyses of the benefit and safety of thrombolysis in subgroups such as in the elderly (recent SITS and SITS-VISTA publications in Lancet Neurology and Stroke) and in a later time window (recently in Lancet Neurology). Alse mechanical means of disostruction will be included in the registry.

Have a look to the last update on the SITS-ISTR. The paper on ‘Implementation of thrombolysis with alteplase 3-4.5 hours after an acute stroke: an updated analysis from ISTR’ by Niaz Ahmed et al is now published in the September issue of Lancet Neurology.