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Dr. Kazuo Minematsu, the Deputy Director General of the Hospital at National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center Hospital, Osaka, Japan, has been selected as the recipient of the Mihara Award for the year of 2010, which carries grant-in-aid of 10 million yen.

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The Mihara Award candidates submission deadlines is getting close, on January 2011 the declaration ceremony. That’s one of the most prestigious stroke related prizes the last european awarded was Werner Hacke in 2008. Application may be submitted by head of departments without conflict of interests.


The Mihara Cerebrovascular Disorder Research Promotion Fund, Charitable Trust, was established in 1981 by the will of late Hiroshi Mihara, MD, in an urgent need for establishing and promoting basic and clinical studies of cerebrovascular disorders in Japan The Mihara Award provides research grants to researchers at home and abroad, engaged in their own respective research fields relating to cerebrovascular disorders in an anticipation of further progress in medical sciences and human welfare.