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The annual national Italian stroke survey was published on a large diffusion journal (FOCUS) inclusion criteria >50 stroke patients admitted per year in 2011. Markers of performance mortality a 1-month, re-admission in the month following the discharge for a stroke. Data as usual available from the national  health care authorities.

Mortality rates in 2011 was 11.6 and re admission 10.62 (the best Italian centres had 2.73 and 7.31).


World Stroke Day is an excellent opportunity to increase awareness of stroke, and action that can be taken against it. Activities to promote the World Stroke Day message may include campaigns for the general population, press releases, communication with government and/or community activities.

The World Stroke Day Awards recognize the efforts of people in the community, health professionals and workplaces that encourage, support, and promote awareness of stroke and action that may be taken against it.

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