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1. Shall be established a biennial award for the best original scientific research conducted in the field of stroke in Italy, with the aim of stimulating research in the same field particularly between youth
The honorary president of the award is Prof. Domenico Inzitari. Unpublished work will be accepted and to be published only if “Stumbleupon” with attached author’s statement that the date of submission of the same work is not yet “accepted. “
The institution and contribute to scientific scrutiny Prize: ISO, Alice Federation Italy, the Sin (Italian Society of Neurology), Sno (Neurological Hospital), the Region Calabria, the city of Vibo Valentia, and the Order of Physicians of the Province of Vibo Valentia
3. Prizes will be awarded three jobs, with prizes 5.000, 3.000, and 2.000 euro, respectively, to be allocated
the first, second and third place in the competition. This year, the two scientific societies Italian Neurological most representative (SIN and SNO) they are equally distributed you the burden of premiums
4. The competition is open to researchers in experimental and clinical sciences in the field of stroke  of all ages and nationalities, operating in a clinical or research established in Italy. Age younger than 35 years and the prominent role of the investigator in the activities experimental design and conduct of research that has produced results will be evaluated
such preferred securities.
5. Scientific works, must relate to the themes, both experimental and clinical, relating to the field of stroke
brain. Must be research with scientific results and their originals. Work in collabor
with foreign groups will be considered, but the role of the researcher Italian applicant must
be paramount. Will not be taken into account jobs that will be judged as reviews
articles, meta-analyzes or other items without
the original data.
6. Entries must be sent in full (in Italian or English),
by15 September 2014


President of ‘Hipponion STROKE NATIONAL PRIZE, Dr. Domenico Consoli, Avenue of the
Peace, Vibo Valentia 37 89900, email:
(In case of sent by post, the date of dispatch of postmark) backed by sections
conventional scientific work surfaces: table of contents, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion,
conclusions, bibliography, any figures or tables in a format no longer than 5000
words. The first author, as well as general personal data, must declare , Under their own responsibility, the role he / she played in the research work. The evaluation of the role played by the host / presenter, with regard to design, conduct of the study, analysis of results, writing text, you will year elements of privilege for the award. To this end it will be prepared an attached card that contains the data, the tax code, the professional role, the contact information and a statement of the first autograph signer of the work ch and under its responsibility to have played a leading role in developing, driving and draft work. 7., The Commission will assess the scientific work sent anonymously each of three independent reviewers. The criteria and ratings to assess tion will be:

Originality of the scientific question (innovative contribution compared to the previous knowledge of the
specific theme) score from 1 to 10.

Appropriate methodology and advanced to the scientific answer to the question: score from 1 to 10.

Comprehensive discussion on the methodological robustness of the results produced, their limitations and the comparison
with the previous literature, score from 1 to 10.

Conclusions congruous with the results (degree of inference

generalizability of the results) pts 1to 10.

Overall assessment, taking into account the age of the investigator and the role he played in
of research that have produced results: score from 1 to 10
In case of conflict between the two referees, the evaluation with
conclusive emerge as a result of an evaluation
jointly by all the members of the advisory board.
8. Among all jobs submitted will be selected 12 works, each of which will be presented
directly by the candidate / in the premium, for the val
utazione conclusive by the Commission, in
a report of 15 minutes (10 for presentation, 5 for discussion) to be held
d occasion
Vibo Stroke Seminar “Life before and after stroke”
9. Scientific work of the Committee will
be ratified by the Commission of the guarantors.
10. The awards av
will come
during the Stroke Seminar
11. For the 12 candidates selected for the presentations will be offered free travel and accommodation
Vibo Stroke Seminar “Life before and after
. The board of trustees will consist of: D. Consoli (President’s Award)
P. Binelli,
C. Fieschi, G.F. Gensini, G. Lanza, G. Blacks, A. Padovani,
L. Provincial
Quattrone, V. Toso


Transtromer Winner of a Nobel prize suffered of a stroke leading to speech disturbances and motor impairment in 1990

The Mihara Award candidates submission deadlines is getting close, on January 2011 the declaration ceremony. That’s one of the most prestigious stroke related prizes the last european awarded was Werner Hacke in 2008. Application may be submitted by head of departments without conflict of interests.


The Mihara Cerebrovascular Disorder Research Promotion Fund, Charitable Trust, was established in 1981 by the will of late Hiroshi Mihara, MD, in an urgent need for establishing and promoting basic and clinical studies of cerebrovascular disorders in Japan The Mihara Award provides research grants to researchers at home and abroad, engaged in their own respective research fields relating to cerebrovascular disorders in an anticipation of further progress in medical sciences and human welfare.

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