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Seems more and more evident that  levels of air pollution considered safe by health care authorities such as WHO can contribute to higher rates of cognitive decline, stroke, and heart attack, according to many paper recently published.


The WHO recently released the atlas of cardiovascular diseases. More then 100 pages of epidemiological data free to download.

Stroke Declines From the Second to the Third Leading Organ- and Disease-Specific Cause of Death in the United States.

With stroke death rates decreasing substantially in the United States from 1996 to 2005, stroke moved from the second to the third leading organ- and disease-specific cause of death. For details look at Stroke the paper by Amytis Towfighi, MD; Bruce Ovbiagele, MD, MS Jeffrey L. Saver, MD.

Marc Fisher, the New Editor-in-Chief of Stroke

..Few candidates have been as prepared and qualified as the newly appointed Editor-in-Chief of Stroke, Marc Fisher, who will be taking over the helm and receiving new manuscripts as of July 1, 2010…¬† Vladimir Hachinski