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Neurology meeting in Perugia under the patronage of the Società Italiana di Neurologia. Hosted by the Neurolgy Department University of Perugia, Paolo Calabresi, Aroldo Rossi, Lucilla Parnetti, Nicola Tambasco.
First ever as far as i know. I can remember in 1996 a joint tosco-umbro meeting at palazzo Murena.

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May anti depressants be helpfull in stroke recovery ? also in non depressed subjects ?

Double blind placebo controlled on benefit of prolonged release Levomilnacipran in ischemic stroke recovery. A phase II RCT sponsored by Pierre Fabre Medicament IRPF. First patient enrolled in France. Up to 90 participating centres, six Italian centres will join the project. Stay tuned.

The mechanical outbreak. Find a good reading in Current Neurovascular Research :  Merci Retriever System, the Penumbra system, the Catch device, and the Phenox clot retriever.

Editorial projects available in scientific journals have focused on global issues but often alien to our sensibilities.
Driven regionalism offers shop windows especially in the robust Anglo French or German groups. The oldest journals do not receive private or government support or and tend to disappear.
Is diffuse the feeling that new emerging economies are pumping energies and fresh money on publications with “etherogeneous” but well indexed projects.
As we speak on the widely popular open source projects we arrive to qualify them often as second-class operations and sometimes depressive fund raising acitivities.
It’s time to channel scarce resources left on what it may mean more to our communities. We look forward initiatives that may lead to a new renaissance of our universities and minds.

Unofficial news reported as soon available an open journal in stroke medicine. The name is supposed to be cerebrovascular disease extra. Indexed in medline but without impact factor. This may offer larger diffusion for CED manuscripts otherwise buried in karger archives. Many reccommended how open sourcing should be an istitutional choice for large academical and educational projects and not a minor fund raising activity for second level science.

GermanyBayer has announced preliminary results of the ROCKET AF study, showed how thet the new oral factor Xa inhibitor rivaroxaban (Xarelto (R) ) met its primary efficacy end point of noninferiority to dose-adjusted warfarin on all-cause stroke and non-CNS embolism. The rates of the composite of major and nonmajor clinically relevant bleeding were comparable (the primary safety end point). The overall feeling in the field is not completely satisfactory, but is better to wait the full paper.

The Italian guidelines for stroke SPREAD (sponsored by Bayer health care) reported dabigatran as a safe alternative to warfarin. This is a sort of vital validation for the molecule since almost nothing can be done in stroke medicine without the  SPREAD committee approval at a national level. At a national level also the Mario Negri istitute for pharmacology gave its valuable opinion on Pradaxa.

QJM Advance Access originally published online on July 2, 2010

ABCD and ABCD2 scores of ≥3 may be clinically useful in identifying TIA outpatients at raised risk of stroke in the medium to long term.

QJM 2010 103(9):679-685

see for ABCD Rothwell PM, Giles MF, Flossman E, Lovelock CE, Redgrave JNE, Warlow CP, et al. A simple score (ABCD) to identify individuals at high early risk of stroke after transient ischemic attack. Lancet (2005) 366:29–36

or Sciolla R, Melis F, for the SINPAC Group. Rapid identification of high-risk transient ischemic attacks. Prospective validation of the ABCD Score. Stroke (2008) 39:297–302




Is now visible to the public the Spread portal for Italian Guidelines in Stroke management. The idea is to develop a “real time” tool to update guidelines. The site is not available for normal users just for faculty members.

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