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The WHO atlas addresses the global epidemic of heart disease and stroke in a clear and accessible format.

Cardiovascular disease now ranks as the world s top causeof death, causing one third of all deaths globally. Heartdisease can no longer be seen as the problem ofoverworked, overweight middle-aged men in developed countries. In todays world, women and children too are atrisk. Already, 75% of all CVD deaths occur in the poorer regions of the world, and this is likely to increase in the future. Following on from the success of WHO s Tobacco Atlas , the Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke  addresses this most
urgent health issue in a ground-breaking, clear and accessible format, designed to inform UN agencies,
government officials, politicians, and other decision makers, the media, researchers, and the general public, as well as provide an essential tool for the health professional.
Topics include:

* Risk factors: high blood pressure, tobacco use,
inactivity, obesity, lipids, diabetes
* Women, childhood and youth
* The global burden of CVD, including the economic
* Research
* Prevention
* Policies and legislation
* Treatment
* Predictions


data from the ministery of health for central italy

So far it was a secret given to word of mouth among health professionals. The new Guide to Health Focus, now in its third edition with the most current data, it also recognizes the right of patients to know which are the most reliable centers to turn to be taken care of in the best way.Of course, hard to choose when you have a heart attack or a stroke: it relies on the ETS and it is hoped that in their region and in their local health healthcare is efficient.

Consiglio Superiore della Sanità Officiers

The largest ever Italian survey on 10-mortality rates for stroke was released this july by the large diffusion media Focus.

The survey was published after a governamental commision made available to journalist raw epidemiological data.

The list of smallest and high mortality Stroke centres is available on line as well. It is up to the political level the decision to keep this state of things or force resources to the best stroke-care provider.

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